Saturday, December 4, 2010

Red Rumours LFC - Let's make this grow!

Red Rumours LFC is Liverpool's transfer watchdog

Thank you to the immediate show of support from everyone. It has merely been hours, yet the traffic has been quite good, and word is getting around.

A big thank you to Richard Buxton who helped kick-start spreading the word about the website.

Although this website is the offspring of our owner, John Henry's Tweet, this is dedicated for the supporters, and made by the supporters. With that, this cannot simply be a one-man operation. There are hundreds of websites out there that are spreading rumours about our club, and I'll need as much help as I can.

That said, I will need to build a global team to help me compile news and keep track of things.

I will have several geographic zones, and I will need dedicated volunteers to work directly with me to compile reports and rumours.

If you want to join the team, send me an email at and tell me which zone you live in as well as a brief description of how you can contribute to our cause of spreading real information about our club. I will also need a real time commitment of at least contacting me once a week. Details will be sent when I receive your applications.

Here are the open positions and zones:

Headquarters -  Marty MacSharp - Head of Website Operations

USA and Americas Zone (Americas) - Head of Zone operations (1 vacancy)
Zone contributors (vacancies available)

Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA) - HoZO (1 vacancy)
ZoCo - (vacancies available)

United Kingdom and Irealand (UKI) - HoZO (1 vacancy)
ZoCo - (vacancies available)

Asia, Australia, and the Pacific (APAC) - HoZO (Reagan Gerrard)
ZoCo - (Vacancies available)

Marketing Specialists - 2 vacancies (responsible for spreading word about the blog and generating traffic)

We are also looking for Contributing Writers (Cows) who will add opinion and editorial pieces that we will feature on the site. Please send all works to

If anyone is interested in applying for a position, please write one of the following as the subject line:

Zone operators and contributors: APPLICATION: Zone you belong in, HoZo/ZoCo


To send an article for consideration: COWS: Title of work

We'll also need a kind artist to design a banner for us using the logo posted above. Please send designs to subject line RED RUMOURS BANNER. The best one will be used as our official banner.

Like I said, this website is made for supporters, by supporters. With your help, we can grow into the biggest watchdog group for LFC and be a trusted name for our supporters to turn to.

Let's spread the word and let's get John Henry to notice this!

Looking forward to hearing from all of you!


- Marty MacSharp

PS - Our Twitter account is up and running, and we need followers!


If you want to follow me, directly: @nymrtz

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